Redundant MOSS Features

Finding & removing SharePoint features.
I had been trying to upgrade an existing solution using STSADM as it contained some additional features. Unfortunately, the command was giving me the following error:
The solution can not be deployed.  Directory “<feature name>” associated with feature ‘351cc41f-19b9-48f2-8654-7f29da7b89b2’ in the solution is used by feature ‘5cb0e7cd-75ed-4faa-9cec-914b01338a45’ installed in the farm. All features must have unique directories to avoid overwriting files.
I needed a way to find out what this existing feature {5cb0e7cd-75ed-4faa-9cec-914b01338a45} was and where in the farm it was being used. After the usual search for enlightenment I found the FeatureAdmin tool to help me identify the location of this feature. In this case, it happened to be redundant feature that was not being used anywhere on the farm but had been left hanging around. The FeatureAdmin tool was able to uninstall the feature definition and allow me to perform the upgrade successfully.

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