GP23 Consulting

GP23 Consulting is owned and operated by me to provide enterprise wide Microsoft focused software solutions. The company was established in June 2013 to work with business and government organisations to develop efficient and user friendly software.

As the owner/operator I have experience developing software in a number of different industries and organisations including the government sector, oil and gas, mining, education, advertising, media and finance. The projects undertaken in these industries range from small bespoke pieces of software to multi-tier, enterprise level solutions with significant requirements.

Along with these projects I am also designing and creating Smartphone applications that take advantage of the Azure cloud platform. Using the power of Azure, I can create mobile friendly services and data storage for seamless integration and management within my Smartphone apps.

As a company, our goals are:

  • To understand the business problem we are trying to solve by listening to the needs of the client.
  • To provide advice about relevant and cost effective software solutions using our knowledge and experience in numerous industries.
  • To develop high quality software within accepted timescales.

We achieve these goals through:

  • Regular and continuous discussions with the client and project progress.
  • Understanding that requirements can and do change during the lifecycle of the project.
  • Using development methodologies that allow for these changes to be managed through the project lifecycle.
  • Keeping up to date with changes in technology and software development practices.

Developing software is not hard; developing good software which meets the needs and wants of the client takes experience and understanding – this is where our company makes the difference.

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