Unknown Device in Device Manager

‘Unknown Device’ listed in the Device Manager
If you are having trouble getting Windows to recognise a piece of your hardware in the Device Manager and scanning for updates did not solve the problem then have a go at this solution;
  1. Open the Windows Device Manager
  2. Open the properties for the device in question.  Click the Details tab. Make sure that "Device Instance Id" is selected in the drop-down menu on this tab.
  3. You will then see a string like  this : PCIVEN_8086&DEV_2658&SUBSYS….
  4. In the example  above 8086 (after VEN_) is the Vendor ID and 2568 (after &DEV_) is the Device ID.
  5. Go to http://pcidatabase.com and type the appropriate values into the Vendor Search and/or Device Search using the Vendor ID and Device ID you have just found.
  6. Refer to the Vendors web site for the appropriate drivers for the device.


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