The permissions granted to user ‘DOMAINusername’ are insufficient for performing this operation. (rsAccessDenied) .
This error had been bugging me for a few hours and it occurs in numerous areas of SSRS so tracking down the problem was a pain. Here was my specific problem;
  • I had a domain user that only had permissions to see reports from one particular folder (and sub-folders) on the Report Server.
  • The user had been assigned the Content Manager role and could upload and run reports.
  • The problem ocurred when the user wanted to edit the properties of the report and then they would get the above error.

After a bit of digging around it seems that if your user does not have any permissions at the root level (Home folder) then they are not allowed to change any of the settings within a report, regardless of their current role assignment. In this case the solution was straight forward. I just added my domain user to the root folder with a Browser role. Since my root folder security settings were not propogating to any sub folders the user only has permission to access their particular reports and could now amend the properties for them as well.

For more information on the above error, take a look at;

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