Windows 7 RC1 and wireless networking

Enjoying being a Windows user again.
I have had Windows 7 RC1 installed on a partion of my desktop machine at home for a few weeks and have been reaping the benefits of the new OS. Having recently purchased a new laptop for more general use around the house I decided to take the plunge and see how it performed on this newer piece of hardware. The laptop was a standard Dell Inspiron 1525 purchased from retail outlet that came pre-installed with Vista Home Premium edition and all the usual Dell extra’s. The Windows 7 installation went very smoothly and all the pieces of hardware were recognised and the drivers installed.
My only problem occurred when I tried to connect the laptop to my wireless network running WPA-PSK encryption. Windows 7 would recognise the existence of the wireless network but it would not allow accept the personal security key that I was using. Obviously, I was not the only person experiencing this issue with the wireless network within Windows 7. The solution was relatively painless. I just need to update the driver for the wireless hardware to the current one offered by Dell for Vista.
Having downloaded and installed the Vista 32-bit wireless card driver for my 32-bit Windows 7 OS and then done a quick reboot I was able to connect the laptop to my wireless network.

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