Feature activation error

The element of type ‘Module’ for feature ‘<feature name>‘ (id: 03fffd3f-5b80-4507-87ed-ab8797883b04) threw an exception during activation: Cannot complete this action.  Please try again.

Whilst trying to activate a new feature I had deployed to SharePoint I got this error (above). My feature worked fine during development but the activation just kept throwing an error. The error wasn’t very helpful either and the stack trace in the Unified Logging Service didn’t really give me any more clues.

My Elements.xml file had two Modules specified. One for a web page and one for the web parts that were going to sit on the web page. I tinkered with the Elements.xml file and commented out the page module to see if that was the problem. Low and behold when I tried the activation this time the process completed successfully. Somewhere in the web page module there was a conflict!

<Module Name="WebPages" Path="" Url="" RootWebOnly="True">
 <File Url="MyPage.aspx" Type="Ghostable" IgnoreIfAlreadyExists="True">
 <Property Name="Title" Value="MyPage" />
 <NavBarPage Name="MyPage" ID="1003" Position="End" />

It turns out that the problem was the ID attribute value for the NavBarPage element. This feature was being inserted into a site with an existing entry in the navigation area called ‘MyPage’ with an ID of 1002. The solution was to got to the Top Link Bar option under the Site Settings and remove the unnecessary link.

Having done that and changed the ID value to match the existing value I was able to successfully activate the feature.

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