CRM 2011 Fields within Outlook 2010

When you create an Activity within Microsoft CRM 2011 using the web client it appears as if you get additional fields in the Details section that are not available when using the Outlook 2010 client. For example, my users wanted to be able to populate the Duration field when they complete an email so they can report on time against a particular client, account and/or case.

Fortunately the fields in the Details section are available within the Outlook 2010 client for CRM 2011 you just have to know how to find them.

  • Open up a new email message from within Outlook
  • On the Message tab of the ribbon bar is a Show button. Click this button to reveal an option to show the CRM Fields for an email (See image below)




  • If you haven’t already set the email as ‘Tracked’ within CRM you will receive an informational message (See image below)



  • Just click on the Track button on the Message tab of the new email ribbon and you should see the Details section containing the additional fields within CRM. (See image below)




  • You can even customise the Details section of the Email entity form to add more fields to this section including your own fields.

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