Visual Studio 2013 and Visual Studio Online

When I first saw Visual Studio online being advertised I didn’t think it would be something I would use that much. However, in the process of creating a Windows Phone application I was reading about the availability of Team Foundation Server as part of the VS Online package. Since I was creating my application in VS 2013 on my machines at home it was great to find out that I could have my very own TFS setup in the cloud; not only that but its also FREE for the first five users. This allows me to have the useful features of TFS and know that my code follows me where ever I happen to be developing.

I still prefer my ‘on machine’ IDE for doing my development and doing it on my Surface 2 Pro has proved to be very effective. The performance of the machine is fantastic and with the all day battery life I can do as full days work on a single charge. The backlit keyboard on the Type 2 cover also helps when you have ideas in the middle of the night!

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