XrmToolbox – Portal Records Mover – Folder Structures

Version 1.2019.10.9 of the Portal Records Mover tool in the XrmToolbox has introduced an excellent new feature – the ability to export the content as a folder structure and with the option to ZIP up the content.

Portal Records Mover

Previously, the configuration would be exported into a single XML file which made it difficult to identify what items were included in your export once you closed down XrmToolbox and filed away your configuration in source control. With the new version if you elect to Export as folder structure then not only do your exports get separated into different folders but the configuration records are created as separate files. The filename is the GUID of the configuration record.

Portal Records Mover

Portal Records Mover

The other advantage this creates is that you can now be more selective on the configuration you want to import into your target environment. The source file for your import can now be the entire root folder, individual folders or individual file (ZIP or XML).

Portal Records Mover

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