Power Apps Portals – ‘Page Not Found’ goes missing

The Power Apps (D365) Portals has a standard ‘Page Not Found’ feature that displays a customisable page when the user navigates to a URL that does not exist.

Page Not Found Page

What do you do if your ‘Page Not Found’ page is not found? I recently encountered this problem in an environment where an incorrect URL was displaying the dreaded 502 Error rather than the ‘Page Not Found’ page.

Portal 502 Error

This is where the Portal Checker in the Power Apps Portal Admin Centre is your friend. Run the Portal Checker and examine the results for the following entries.

Page Not Found Site Marker Configuration

Home Site Marker Configuration

If either of these have a Warning against them, check the respective Site Marker to ensure it is pointing to the correct page. In my case the Home Site Marker had been incorrectly modified and was no longer pointing to the relevant Home page. Having made the adjustment my ‘Page Not Found’ was operational again and incorrect URLs were being sent to the right page.

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