I have persmission to do this…trust me!

Prompted for cedentials when accessing SharePoint library documents
At our office we have a number of MOSS 2007 document libraries. One of the issues I found with Vista is that it would constantly display the prompt for my credentials when I was trying to view any of these documents. I had already configured my Security Zones settings so that access to the document library was done through the Local Intranet zone including setting the automatic logon. Other people in the office using Windows XP were not experiencing the same issue.
After a few minutes surfing I came accross this Knowledge Base article that resolved my problem – http://support.microsoft.com/kb/943280 . The article explains the reasons for the problem so I won’t repeat it here however there are a couple of points worth highlighting;
  • If you have already installed Windows Vista SP1, which I did, then you do not need to download the hotfix, just apply the changes to the registry.
  • Once I had made the change to your registry I needed to reboot my machine in order for the change to be affective.

Needless to say, my issue was resolved and I am no longer getting prompted to provide my credentials when I access documents stored in our SharePoint document libraries.

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