Vista still causing a few problems

The TMM Scheduled Task and Screen Refreshing on Vista
I have had a problem with my Vista Ultimate laptop when I have been using an external monitor which has been a pain for a while. Basically, when I unlocked my machine whilst it was connected to an external monitor, Vista would set the refresh rate of my external monitor to a value higher than the monitor was able to display. Consequently I would end up with a blank screen on my external monitor.
The simple fix has been to open the Display Settings (desk.cpl), choose my external monitor and then change the refresh rate back to a more sensible value. I can’t remember when this problem started with my desktop monitor but it was one of those things that, although anoying, I just put up with. Today I decided enough was enough and began the quest for a more definitive solution.
To cut a long story shorter, this seems to be working for me so far… Thanks Rev. Smile

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