Error generated loading DTSX file into IDE

"Unable to instantiate XML DOM document, please verify that MSXML binaries are properly installed and registered."

I have recently been developing some DTSX packages on my laptop within my VS 2005 IDE and needed to continue the work on a remote machine the following day. Having checked my files into the source control and got the latest version on the remote machine I attempted to open the same packages from within the VS 2005 IDE on the remote machine. The same packages that I had completed the previous day on my laptop were refusing to open cleanly, presenting me with a numbr of error messages and had lost the Data Flow items in my package.
Knowing that I had my files under source control, and stored on my laptop, I knew I could retrieve the files again without too much hassle but I needed to find out why they were not loading successfully in this particular IDE. A quick search of the digital cloud provided this little nugget of information Having applied the suggested solution on the remote machine I was able to open my packages without any errors or loss of content.

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