dtproj File Error

"There was an error generating the XML document."
I have been developing a number of items in a multi-project solution within BIDS (Business Intelligence Developer Studio) and then the other day, after adding a new DTSX package to my SSIS project, I started to get an error saving the project file (dtproj). All the Visual Studio message box would tell me is ‘There was an error generating the XML document.’ and then I was presented with the ‘Save File As’ dialog box. To fix the problem I tried…
  • Overwriting the dtproj file when the ‘Save File As’ dialog box was displayed.
  • Checking the dtproj file back in SourceSafe.
  • Closing the solution, without saving the changes to the project, re-opening the solution, re-adding the new DTSX file and saving the project file changes.
  • Getting an earlier version of the dtproj file from SourceSafe and re-insterting the existing items to the project and saving the project file changes.

All of the above attempts proved to be in vain as I was just presented with the same message box. After checking my dtproj file differences within SourceSafe it occurred to me that I should edit the dtproj file within Notepad and see if that resolved the problem. I added a couple of new entries into the dtproj file for the new items that were included in my SSIS project and saved the changes. When I clicked back to my open project, Visual Studio recognised that changes had been made to the dtproj file and asked me if I wished to reload the file? I clicked ‘Yes’, the project file reloaded successfully and have been able to continue working with my SSIS project without further error messages.

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