ISV.Config.xml Entries

Unusual ISV.Config.xml behaviour.

Recently one of our clients had mentioned that a small piece of their Microsoft CRM 3.0 functionality was not functioning correctly, namely a customised button. To make it easier for certain CRM users to create new Products in the Product Catalog I had added a new Grid button to the Products entity.
This displayed a blank Product form ready to create new entries and meant that they did not have to navigate to the Product Catalog section in the Settings area. This was particuarly useful as the Product Catalog cannot be accessed from within the Outlook client since the settings area is not exposed to the Outlook client. The button was placed on the grid by editing the ISV.Config.xml and adding the following entry;
   <Entity name="product" >
      <Button Title="New" ToolTip="Create a new Product" Icon="/_imgs/ico_18_1024.gif" Url="http://crmserver/products/product/edit.aspx" PassParams="1" WinParams="height=550,width=1000,Top=200,Left=200,Toolbar=0,Resizable=1,Status=1" WinMode="0" AvailableOffline="true" />  
I had tested this button in test environment before transfering the code to the clients server and everything worked fine. That was until the other day when a number of users recieved a new machine with a fresh install of the CRM. The install went smoothly as I had made sure they had uninstalled the Outlook client from their old machines before installing it onto the new ones. When they clicked on the ‘New’ Product button to open up the form there was no option to Save or Save and Close.


I knew nothing had changed on the server, so I checked the settings for the Intranet Zone to see if they were configured correctly or were causing the problem but they were all fine. After more head scratching and web surfing I decided to try something and removed the Sales Manager Role from one of the users who had this issue. (The Sales Manager has permissions to create Products). They only had one Role so I just added the Sales Manager Role back to the user and got them to try the button again. This time it worked and the user had the ability to save changes to the new product.
So although nothing had changed within the system, for some reason the CRM Server needed its security roles refreshing to allow the user to operate with functionality defined within the ISV.Config.xml file.

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