D365 – Field Service – Debugging Booking Rules

Booking Rules in D365 are generated as Web Resources (JavaScript) to show warning or error messages to the scheduler. The problem with debugging these web resources is that the files are loaded dynamically which makes them a little harder to debug. When you have complex or a large number of booking rules you have a few options to assist you with debugging.

  • console.log – this is the most basic option but allows you to write out values to the debug console of the browser. This can give you some information may not pinpoint the exact line were an issue is occurring.
  • debugger statement – this will cause your web resource to load into the dev tools of the browser and stop on the line where the statement exists. This at least allows you to continue on with debugging but you need to remember to remove it before you publish the resource into a production environment.
  • sourceURL comment – if you place the following comment at the end of your script file – after the closing curly brace – the file will then show in the sources tab.
//# sourceURL=filename.js

You can replace filename.js with any filename you like, e.g. BookingRules.js. When you browse your Sources in the Dev Tools you will find the file and be able to put in breakpoints as required. You will need to force the booking rules to run at least once for the file to be loaded. The other good point about this technique is that you don’t need to remove the comment for the file when its moved to a production environment.

This works for Chrome, Firefox and the new Chromium Edge browsers.

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