Make your email address the default for sending emails

If you want to change your hotmail address (etc) to use the new domain and make it the default when sending emails please try the following;

  • Log in to your account (using your hotmail address etc
  • Under the options icon select More mail settings
  • Select the Create an Outlook alias option
  • Enter your new address and select Create an alias
  • Wait until you receive email confirmation that your alias has been created.
  • Log out and log back into to make sure it picks up the new alias.
  • Go back into the More mail settings again and this time select Sending/receiving email from other accounts.
  • Select the Add another account to send email from option.
  • Enter your new alias into the field and click Send verification email
  • Wait for the verification email to arrive. When it does click on the link to verify the address.
  •  Go back into the More mail settings once more and again choose Sending/receiving email from other accounts. This time you should see your new account listed under the ‘You can send mail from these accounts’ section. You then just need to select the Use as default option next to your alias.
  • The last thing I have done, under More mail settings, is change the Reply-to address option and set that to ‘Other address’ using the new alias.

Now when I compose an email it automatically uses the new email alias. – Hotmail goes Metro!