OpenID and WordPress mapped Domains

What happens to your OpenID account when you map your WordPress account to another domain?

The answer is that when you try to login to other OpenID¬†sites (e.g. StackExchange) your login is not recognised because it is now mapped to the new domain. Even if you go ahead and create a new account on the other site with the new (mapped) domain, you can’t link your old domain to the new account because, for WordPress at least, your OpenID just re-directs to the new domain.

To solve the problem I had to do the following:

  1. Login to my WordPress account and change the Primary Domain back to my previous domain.
  2. Login to StackExchange, go to my account page and select my logins. When the pop-up window opens select the add more logins… option and enter my new (mapped) domain.
  3. Logout of StackExchange and then go back into the WordPress dashboard and revert the Primary Domain to the newly mapped domain.

This now allows me to login to StackExchange with either OpenID domain identifier.